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In 2018 the President signed the US Farm Bill legalizing hemp and hemp extract in all 50 states.

Hemp extract is the cutting edge health and wellness product of our time. The Sun Brand solution provides tinctures and gel caps. Sun Brand pain relief products contains one of the strongest anti-inflammatory agents in the world to provide relief for muscle and joint pain. The Sun Brand beauty line provides hemp extract to invigorate your skin and helps reduce skin irritation and blemishes. Our Sun Brand Daily Wellness products can help to relieve migraine pain and reduce tumor cell growth*.

Sun Brand was founded for the purpose of helping people improve their quality of life. The Sun Brand Team has years of retail, marketing and experience, and we are passionate about providing the highest-level customer service possible.

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Hemp Extract Warning! Be careful out there – 80% of the companies that sell Hemp Extract don’t even contain 20% of what they claim on the label. 
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