Does hemp extract work for everything?
No, hemp extract generally works for pain, anxiety, sleeplessness and anti-tumor properties.

Are there side effects to hemp extract?  
Yes. Side effects may include dehydration and associated symptoms of dehydration.

Is hemp extract addicting?
No. Hemp extract is not habit forming.

What is the consumer breakdown of hemp extract products products?

  • 44% use oil/tinctures
  • 26% use topicals
  • 22% capsules
  • 8% edibles
  • Pet hemp extract products annual sales are expected to top 1 billion by 2025
  • Hemp extract products skin care market are expected to top 1.7 billion by 2025


“I had six tumors and I took hemp extract for six months and when I went to the doctor, four tumors were gone and the last two were so small they could hardly be detected. The doctors were amazed!” Max – Ojai, CA

“I had two tumors and my owner gave me hemp extract for six months. The tumors fell right off my body right before his very eyes. This stuff works! **Woof**” – Theodore the White Knight, 14 yr-old American Eskimo 

“Sun Brand Pain Relief Gel helps me with leg cramps and my Carpel Tunnel.” Patricia T. – Actor Topanga CA

“Took one gummy last night after dinner and slept through the night, it relieved my tinnitus and stress.” Lisa B. – Woodland Hills, CA

“I take only two drops of your Sun Brand hemp extract tincture and it relieves my migraines and it helps sleep at night.” Myra R. – House Technician Ojai, CA

“I took two full droppers of your Sun Brand 1500 tincture and in 40 minutes it put me right to sleep. I slept all night.” John W. – Ojai, CA

“I had seven tumors and instead of chemo my brother gave me hemp extract I took it for six months. Five of the tumors disappeared and two were so small they could hardly find them”Max R. – Ventura, CA

“I had breast cancer and used hemp extract instead of Chemo and it cured my breast cancer”Karen R. – L.A., CA

“My dog had two tumors on his ear and back. I gave him two droppers of hemp extract tinctures every other night for six months and both of the tumors just fell off!”E.J. – Topanga, CA

“Sun Brand Pain Relief Gel helps me with leg cramps and my arthritis. I used it twice today and I absolutely love it.”Patricia H., Actor – Topanga, CA

“Took one gummy last night after dinner and slept through the night. It relieved my tinnitus and stress.”Lisa B. – Woodland Hills, CA

“Using just two drops of my Sun Brand tincture relieves my migraines and helps me sleep at night.”Myra R., House Technician – Ojai, CA


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